Thursday, September 30, 2010

OK, so Dad finally figured it out

Dad forgot how to log me onto my blog. He is getting so forgetful. I feel sorry for him - Basenji's don't start forgetting important things until they are 7 years old. That is like '49' in people years. Oh, sorry Dad.

Remember when I was a wee little pup and I would help out by fluffing the toilet paper? Dad would hollar at me - "Copper, don't chew up the toilet paper - it doesn't grow on trees, you know." I beg to differ: My neighbors Kobe and Chester have a Toilet Paper Tree in their FRONT YARD! Those cats don't even care about this treasure they have at the tip of their paws!

I guess everyone wants to know what I did with my summer since I haven't posted for so long. I went to visit my BnFFs Rhya and Tanner for a whole week in June. Their Mom was the best - she laid down on the couch practically the whole time and I kept her company! It was awesome!

This is what I really did with the rest of my free (non-Doggy Daycare) time:

I taught myself something new and useful. I used to wait for Dad to give me treats and we all know how forgetful he can be at times. If I take my kong and drop it a couple of times it ends up getting full of treats. I tried willing treats into the ball, but that didn't work as well. Dad must not have heard me concentrating so hard.
It's time for me to go to bed. I promise to write more often!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's my birthday today!!!

I turned three today. This is all I wanted to do all day...

Of course, this is all I want to do every day! I got to spend the whole day with Joe. All I did was sleep all day, and all Joe did was play video games. It felt like a Saturday.

I got the coolest presents this year - a new bed AND and a pair of ducks (no paradox jokes, please). I love them so much!

I waited all summer for summer to begin, but it never really did, so I don't have much to say about that anyway. I like my new Central Bark (once in a while I get a new puppy to play with) and Dad still takes me out for walks in the morning, even on those days when I don't want to go with him (see the top picture - get the idea?)
I hear mom wrapping presents - I need to go help her tear paper.

Baroo! Merry Christmas!!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

It has been too long since I last wrote!

Ba-roooooooo and greetings to all those fans who adore me! HAH! - who am I kidding? Everyone adores me!

I think winter might be over. I got to lay out in the sun a couple of times, but the furnace came on this morning and that made me just as happy. I don't wear my jackets too much anymore, but dad put one on me the other morning when it rained. I like the rain, especially when it is running down the gutters. It makes me so happy to splash around in the water. Dad even lets me look into the sewer grates to see where the water goes (I don't know where - it just sort of disappears).

I go to a different Central Bark now - mom got a new job and this daycare is pretty close to where she works. I love it there - they have other dogs to play with, and get this - they have a garden hose and squirt water just for me!!! Gayle even has lots of pictures of me, just like dad does. I saw Sue Ann at the dog park a couple of months ago (she is from my old doggy daycare) - I will never forget her (I am a basenji, you know - we never forget anything we ever see). I was so happy to see her.

Last night's walk was unbelievable - there were four squirrels running around right above me! I thought one was going to fall, but it didn't. Dad told me to be careful and not waste squirrels - they don't grow on trees, afterall. Somehow that just didn't sound right. Hmmm. This picture shows me managing squirrels from my house.

I am going to visit Rhya and Tanner sometime this summer. I love their backyard. They have a deck, and a pool, and a rabbit living under the deck, and (allegedly) two cats, and they take me for a zillion walks a day, and get ice cream, and let me watch Ba-rooooers games. I had fun there.

Have a wonderful day! I need to go outside and take care of a little "doggy business," if you know what I mean...



Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's still winter, isn't it?

Barooo everyone!

I am having such a great winter! The furnace comes on so much that I am getting plenty of rest. When I am forced to go outside there is enough snow for me to make face-cones. I didn't like the bitter cold weather, but it hasn't been too bad lately. Mom and Dad and Joey have taken me to the dog park a couple of times. We went to PetSmart too, so I got to see other dogs and say hi. Cory wasn't there, so I didn't get to baroo for her.
We all had our birthdays in December and January. Joey's birthday party was the neatest - he invited all his friends over to see me! They were kind of noisy, though, and didn't do a good job of sharing their food with me. They mostly ignored me when they played Guitar Hero, but I got plenty of squeezes.

I think mom liked my birthday present to her the best! She told Joey that it looks like I am always wearing socks, so I got her Basenji socks! She put them on before she tried her birthday cake (hey, wait a second here - I didn't get any of that cake! Not fair!)

I got nice Christmas presents - a jacket and some toys. I also got to take a nap on grandma's lap. She is comfortable and warm. Dad and Joey stayed home with me for a whole week and a half, and that was nice. I didn't go to doggy daycare, so I was really, really, really happy to be back when mom started taking me there again.
I wasn't feeling too well about a week ago. Dad had to give me some medicine called "Pup-Sid AC" or something like that. My doctor told me to take it easy for a week. I think Dad's sweet potato made me feel the best. I got to eat almost a whole one myself! Those things are big!!!! My tummy didn't feel well before that but now I am back on my food, and carrots, and almonds, and underwear. I feel great!
Sounds like I need to see if there are any of those darn squirrels in our tree again. TTYL, and stay warm!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I have to wear a jacket again

Howdy all -

I am still ba-rooing around the house. Mom and Dad are letting me stay out of my crate during part of the day - I haven't figured out how to get into trouble, so I usually take a nap. Mom stayed home with me for a while, but then she got that verbal offer, which she said became a bone-nified offer. I don't recall seeing any extra bones around the house for me. Which, I guess, must be why she goes away during that day, probably to go where the bones are. I wish she would take me with her. When she does, I go to Central Bark where my friends are.

We have been staying in the house more lately. When we go out, it usually is cooler than what a typical Basenji prefers, so I have to wear my jacket. I almost forgot about my favorite sport while laying out in the sun in the backyard - laying in the sun in the living room! The leaves are off the trees so you know what that means - warm sun spot city! Also, those darn squirrels can't hide from me anymore.

We went for a walk tonight. It sure was dark. I couldn't see bunnies or squirrels, but I could hear them. Everywhere. Taunting me. Dad won't let me catch them. I did take the opportunity to catch up on pee-mail, take care of other business, and spend time with my favorite pack.

Mom took me to the dog park a couple of times. It was wonderful - I had a blast - right up until Mom made me take a bath! I finally got myself where I felt comfortable, and she rinsed it all away from me. I can't help it if someone keeps putting all that mud in my way. I say "Full speed ahead!!! I don't brake for mudholes! Follow me!!!" (no one does)

Good night - I have to go and nap. Talk to you later!


(Hi Mr. C - welcome to my blog!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow - where did my summer go?!?

I had such a fun summer! I went to the dog park a lot, and Central Bark (LOOK AT MY REPORT CARD!!! I was a most excellent Basenji!) I was so busy I didn't have time to write until now.
Dad has been really busy at work, doing some kind of project. I mostly got to see him - well, actually not see him because I was usually sleeping - in the evening or at bedtime. He is home more lately, but we haven't been doing our morning walks (whew - it sure is dark out when he leaves).
Mom had something really cool happen - she stopped going to work and stayed home with me! We went to the dog park alot, and I still got to go to Central Bark one day a week. I wasn't happy all the time, though. She spent much of the day on the computer typing, and talking on the phone. She was all excited yesterday - she got something called a 'verbal offer' - it sounds yummy! I hope she shares it with me.
Joey was around the house more, too. But, he is back in school again and makes more noise than ever. I don't mind the thing that hums, but the honker is a little hard on my nerves. I still like to watch him, just not listen.
I need to go now and get a head start on my sleeping. Good night.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

That was incredible!!!

Mom and Dad and Joey went to someplace called (I think) South Dog-kota. They saw buffalo, prairie dogs, and something called a "Jackalope" which is a huge bunny with antlers!

I got to stay by Rhya and Tanner - turns out they aren't even puppies, but more like Joey. I now have two more BnFFF's (Best non-Furry Friends Forever). They took me for walks FOUR TIMES A DAY!!! Their Dad let me watch a Ba-rooooers game with him, and the best part was that I slept through the whole thing! They knew so much about me - that I like to play with water from a hose, I like to help dry off wet legs, and most importantly, peanut butter is my most favorite treat! They had a WHOLE BARREL of it for me!

I thought I saw a pussy cat, but it must have been a ghost - there was no sign of it the whole week I got to stay there. I think I saw a paw with very sharp claws sticking out from under a door, and I swear I heard someone whispering "Come here puppy dog and put your nose in my paw." Spooky.

Rhya drew a lovely picture of me for Mom and Dad. I just have to share this with you! I still wonder how she knew who ate all that peanut butter!
I am happy to be home now. All my adoring squirrels and bunnies missed me, and I need to go chase them.